Bestune B50 upgrade with AES Q5 projector kit

  • You need to pick an appropriate projector, HID light bulb, and also the ballast before the modification.
    Because Bestune is developed with the projector, when updating the housing, you can simply alter the light bulb and the ballast to get to the adjustment that you want to present.
  • Jason wishes to change the OEM projector with AES projector as well as embellish the adversary eye and angel eye. He discovers our Aozoom store to make the retrofit.

The aftermarket devices of his 4300k hid retrofit include HeartRay 35W HID light bulb, Aozoom ballast, AES projector, satanic force eye, and angel eye.

Take it for granted, the primary step is to open the housing as well as remove the factory projector. It is a little tough to pull it off. It still needs to open the bumper. Spin the screw under the instance to remove the frame as well as screws under the frame.

While the housing was disassembled, pick out the OEM light bulb as well as the dust cover. Cover the housing with plastic wrap and after that took into the oven. It can be seen the entire factory projector after heating. Remove the lighthouse structure and also clean the adhesive in the channel.


Mount the angel eye into the high beam. Cut out the additional component of the angel eye to fit the housing. The brand-new AES projector ought to cut down the shield, otherwise, the projector is also huge to set up. Drill the hold and also repair it. Choose the OEM projector and mount the brand-new one. Drilling the rivets out that held the factory cutoff guard and squirrel finder.

Put the satanic force eye right into the projector. Re-pinning the connector after feeding the wires through the hole. Take care of the projector into the housing. Mount the HID light bulb and also examination the light beam pattern. When all point is done, seal the cover with cold adhesive as well as install it in the vehicle.

The new installment is a charm appearance with crisp illumination, the demon eye and angel eye show the distinct individual personality of the headlight in a fashion way.

No matter what you want to upgrade, the safe lighting is the very first factor to consider aspect. The bright illumination not only boosts the driving experience yet likewise safeguard the risk to take place.


Audi A6 Retrofitted D2S Bi-Xenon Projector

Once the Audi A6 front lights was actually vivid along with good hotspot. Yet as time passes, the efficiency of front lights is actually much worse as well as much worse. the projector lense right now is covered with a layer of white haze to ensure that the brightness reduce definitely. For this factor, the vehicle owner concerned Aozoom for upgrade his front lights to get a better motoring vision.

The retrofit product checklist: AOZOOM D2S bi-xenon projector, FBL 35W HID light bulb, and ABC 06 aftermarket D2S ballast.

It takes 6 hrs to retrofit our projector on the Audi A6 front lights, the brand new bi-xenon projector headlight possesses an ideal circulation of light and also a supremely sharp cutoff that will blow your mind.

Our team can find an excellent variation after upgrade.

The brand new front lights supply a secure driving dream as well as pleasant steering expertise, that will certainly assist a great deal to the vehicle driver for long journey.

AOZOOM H1 Bi-Xenon Projector Evaluation – are they Worth to possessing?

These Aozoom H1 bi-xenon projector package are great projectors for the loan – I like mine! However, perform not expect your light output and deadline to become equivalent to OEM of latest automobiles. The deadline is great however certainly not as crystal clear as latest automobiles I’ve driven like BMWs or Mazdas. For a much older automobile retrofit, you can not make a mistake along with these! As much as I can tell, they’re comparable to the Morimoto Mini H1 projectors.

Installation is actually very basic but certainly not for the pale of soul – you possess to clear away and also cook your headlights – I cooked mine at 220 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes and also battered the lens off to mount these. You may intend to switch out the glue on your fronts lights to be sure they close from humidity.


I made use of GE plastic to secure mine but there are much better possibilities accessible. Ensure you choose your cars and truck’s correct front lights dimension or even adapter when purchasing. Consult lover forums of your automobile for greatest end results.

You will require to straighten your fronts lights after setup, consult your owner’s guidebook or online forms/YouTube to perform this appropriately.

For specific makes/models you will require an adapter for higher light beams, or even you can easily improve yourself.

If you’re making use of H4 light bulbs I HIGHLY suggest the “Innovite Easy Relay Harness for H4/9003 Xenon Bulbs” item. It is actually fully plug-and-play for automobiles that utilize H4/9003 light bulbs.

Overall, they are a nice choice to TRS website deals.

1st Gen Scion XB Headlights Retrofited HID Projector Package

I obtained this to accomplish an HID projector retrofit on my stock 1st generation Successor xB fronts lights. Setup couldn’t have been less complicated and also the quality is respectable. These are actually quite comparable to the Morimoto Bi-xenon Mini H1, cost is affordable. They also deliver me some tiny screws as well as all kinds of sockets to hold the shrouds on. I also purchased the H4 portable dual ray of light relay harness to create it plug and play.

I ever before installed the Philips H7 X-treme HID package in my automobile reflector fronts lights but the light beam is actually … it doesn’t have a lightweight beam style, the lights result similar to a flash lighting and also last will and testament glare all the people and also auto driving nearing. While put up the Aozoom H1 bi-xenon projector still with H1 X-treme HID package, the lightweight output is actually unparalleled when done straight, by means of a projector. A projector like these concentrates the light discharged from the HID capsule (bulb) and also gives it a controlled “toss”. Extra importantly, a projector gives a “deadline” where the intense light coming from the pill is shut out coming from sparkling over the “deadline series” so the light may be tuned therefore in order to not beam too higher as well as careless other motorists.

Meanwhile, I have actually been using all of them for regarding 7 months and they have actually conducted beautifully! I would certainly advise this to everyone taking into consideration a retrofit upgrade (that utilizes H4/H7 bulbs)!